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14 Bizarre signs that show something has gone horribly wrong

2 minuten lezen

Communication. It’s undeniably important. Even more so in signs, where you need to get your message across as quickly and efficiently as possible. Which makes it all the more tragic when some design decisions lead to the completely wrong message, or the right one in the worst possible way.

– Written by Lex Griffiths


1. It’s shockingly easy to go from clear and understandable to complete nonsense.


2. Hopefully this isn’t exactly what they meant…



3. This could only have gone worse if it’s actually a foot spa.



4. Spas and hairdressers seem a bit one-track minded.


5. Sometimes you’re reading too much into these, but sometimes they just invite you to.



6. And sometimes the problem isn’t the sign, but who the sign is for.



7. You’ve got to wonder how people keep mistaking it for one.



8. Kerning, it’s important. Just ask guys called CLINT.


9. The important thing is that you tried.


10. Poor Ohio.



11. Chris, you have GOT to stop stealing Jesus’ thunder.


12. Maybe they want to give you a taste preview?


13. Let’s hope the pun wasn’t a grave mistake…


14. Is it a new twist on bangers and mash?


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