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Influencerin kämpft mit ehrlichen Bildern gegen Instagram-Perfektion

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Niemand ist perfekt. Gegenteiliges scheint auf Instagram aber manchmal der Fall zu sein – zumindest, wenn man nur oberflächlich auf den Körper einiger Influencerinnen und Influencer schaut. Ist natürlich völliger Quatsch. Und das ist auch gut so. Gegen den Selbsthass und gegen den Perfektionismus auf Instagram kämpft die Influencerin Danae Mercer an. Sie zeigt, dass auch die noch so perfekten Influencer ihre Macken haben können und viel von Blickwinkel, Lichtverhältnis und Bildbearbeitung abhängt. Und steht ganz offen zu ihrem Körper!

1. Unter dem Motto Instagram vs. Reality postet Danae ihre Bilder.

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Insta vs reality — or LETS talk LIGHTING. Because that’s the main difference in these photos. In one, my bum is deliberately angled into the shadows. The softer light hides my cellulite and smooths most of my stretchmarks. It’s flattering. In the other, I’m just casually squatting (lol) beside the mirror. My hips and thighs are in the sunlight. Lumps and bumps are on show. There are a few posing differences (core tight, hips popped back, squeeeezzzinnnggg), but mostly this pic is about LIGHT working its magic. When I worked in magazines, we shot at sunrise or sunset. On most sets, there were people holding SUN DIFFUSERS and REFLECTORS to help create the perfect FLATTERING balance of shadow and light. The same thing happens on SOCIAL MEDIA, just in a different form. Most insta-models know EXACTLY how to POSE and work their angles. And they know LIGHTING too. Like how SIDE LIGHT, diffused from a window, is the most flattering for abs but usually pretty harsh on the face. It’s why you’ll often see a phone covering the face. Or how SHADOWS can gently eliminate certain LUMPS and BUMPS. All that is fine with me, honestly. It’s art and photography, and there is no shame in wanting to look FIERCE. But I also want to remind you about how SO MUCH on here is FILTERED. POSED. PERFECTED. And how you shouldn’t EVER COMPARE YOURSELF to a STRANGER on the internet. Because cowgirl, you’re just seeing their snapshots taken in PERFECT LIGHT. Your reality is a whole lot more varied, diverse, and human than that. It’s more perfectly imperfect. Real. Raw. And that’s a wonderful thing indeed. You got this. x #instavsreality #womenirl #womenshealth #popsugarfitness #instagramvsreality #posingtips #cellulite #strengthmarks

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2. Auch sie hat ihre ganz natürlichen Macken. Und viel hängt dabei auch vom Posing ab.


3. Das ist kein Vorher-Nachher-Bild. Das ist ein ganz normaler Frauenkörper.

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BEFORE and AFTER transformations are so gosh darn easy to FAKE. And dodgy brands, like those selling DIET TEAS or DIET JABS (the newest horrible thing to hit the market) often do exactly that. So before I get into the ANGLES and the technique and all that razzle dazzle, I just want to say this: Be careful. Especially to the teens on here, or those of us who have struggled with disordered body image. Be careful. Dodgy companies will use dodgy methods to try to sell you things you don’t need. Things like teas that make you poo or SHOTS that mess up your body or pills that make your heart race. HEALTH goals are incredible. There are LOADS of GENUINE FITNESS transformations on here too. Plenty of REAL ‘before and afters’, which are shared by folks who are proud at all they’ve achieved. Those are incredible. I always have and I always will APPLAUD HEALTH as an act of self love. This post isn’t about that. It’s about the BEFORE AND AFTERS with DIET ADS. Or with DETOX TEAS. Or with the most recent onslaught of SKINNY SHOTS. And all the awful, awful fakery that wraps themselves around products more concerned with MONEY than with WELLNESS. It’s about learning to be careful. And to view the internet with a critical eye — especially where money is involved. Now if you’re curious about HOW I took these PHOTOS, here’s what I did: Pulled my bottoms up higher (longer leg line). Arched my back (waist looks smaller, bum bigger). Popped into my hips. Squeezed my core. Played with light and shadows to hide my cellulite. Swapped into more flattering clothes. And BAM. Before to After in 10 seconds flat. Try it if you fancy. It’s pretty much a back workout. So there you go. Glad you’re here. I hope this helped. Please don’t ever buy a skinny jab. We’re in this together. x #angles #posingtips #selfconfidence #beforeandafter #instagramvsreality #instavsreality

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4. Und zu ihrem Körper steht Danae und will ihren über 800.000 Followern Mut machen, das selbst auch zu tun.

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CELLULITE is so darn COMMON. So WEAR that swimsuit. Rock that bikini. Get out there and roll with the full wonder of all that you are. And don’t let any little lumpbumps make you second guess for a single minute. Over 80 percent of women have cellulite. That’s a HUGE number – and yet we are told it’s bad and wrong and subtly, so subtly, taught that it is shameful. Some of us learn these lessons as little girls. Yesterday I shared a YouTube video that wants to teach exactly that. It featured a slight child deciding she was TOO BIG, so she exercised and weighed herself and ate carrots and weighed herself and climbed stairs and weighed herself. Some of us learn these lessons as adults, when brands try to SELL TO US and make money from SHAME. From creating flaws that don’t exist, or from turning incredibly common bits of bodies into things that must be fixed. Wherever you learned these lessons, know that they are wrong. Your cellulite is NOT an error. A glitch in perfection. It’s incredible. Unique. A stamp mark of who you are. A sign that your body is functioning and alive and doing the same thing as over 80% of other women. So today, babygirl, get out there and rock your cellulite. Celebrate your dips and rolls. Embrace your curves or your straights. And most of all, do whatever makes you SMILE. Because you are a GLORIOUS CELEBRATION. A song of limbs and heart and soul. Don’t you forget it. Bikini @heiress_swimwear #selflove #bodyacceptance #normalizenormalbodies #cellulite #strengthmarks

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5. „Posing macht Spaß. Aber bequem sitzen ist einfach noch besser.“

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ME / ALSO ME – Because POSING is fun but sitting COMFORTABLY is even better. Now let’s talk DIET CULTURE myths. For years, I thought if I GOT RID of my CELLULITE, I would be happy. It has always been my hang up. So I cut calories. I dropped dress sizes. I shrank. And I waited for that joy, for that feeling of confidence. It didn’t come. Not even at my smallest. None of these things made me feel BETTER about MYSELF. And now, now, years later, I am softer. Squishier. No longer starving. I weigh more. But my heart is lighter. Because here’s the thing I learned the hard way, The thing that diet ads never tell you: BODY IMAGE starts on the inside. It does. Being comfortable with your cellulite? Your stretchmarks? Your bits that wiggle and jiggle and fold here or crease there? All that requires mental work. Internal heavy lifting. Where day by day, month by month, you remind yourself how INCREDIBLE you are. And how your WORTH, your VALUE as a HUMAN, doesn’t CHANGE even when your body does. Nor does anyone else’s. So today, fight against the urge to measure WHO YOU ARE as a HUMAN against whatever is or isn’t happening with your body. Extend the same kindness to other women around you. And allow yourself the softness of a bit of self love. Because you ARE wonderful. You ARE incredible. You ARE WORTHY. Posed or relaxed, sandy or sweaty or sleepy or in any state. You’re loved. x PHOTOS @chiclebelle @gabrielleph #bodyacceptance #selflove #womenirl #cellulite #stretchmarks #normalizenormalbodies #instagramvsreality

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6. In ihren Bildbeschreibungen weißt Danae immer wieder auf die Probleme der Gesellschaft und der PERFEKTEN Hochglanz-Bilder auf Instagram hin.


7. Und sie ist nicht die Einzige. Auch deutsche Influencerinnen, wie die Radio-Moderatorin Lola Weippert, zeigen, wie viel Fake in den meisten Hochglanz-Instagram-Bildern steckt.


8. „Du bist so wertvoll und wichtig und wie du aussiehst, sollte deinen Wert und deine Gesundheit nicht definieren“, schreibt auch Influencerin Aylish Rutherford.


9. Das solche Bilder wichtig sind und vielen Frauen helfen können, zeigt auch dieser Tweet.


10. Und auch die Reaktionen unter den Instagram-Bildern von Danae sind nahezu ausschließlich positiv.


11. Eine Frau, die anderen Frauen Mut macht. Dafür steht Danae Mercer

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What would you tell your 13-year-old self? I’d teach me, baby me, that OVER 80% of women have CELLULITE. That stretchmarks are common. That bodies are MEANT to change. That thighs CAN be squishy or strong or soft or come in so many different shapes. And those are just some of the PHYSICAL lessons. The exterior, the wrapping. I’d also tell her about how women must support each other, about how society tells us COMPETITION is the answer but it isn’t, it’s a game designed so we all LOSE; I’d teach her about CONSENT and assault and safety; I’d hug her close and tell her how PERFECTION doesn’t make friends, but vulnerability DOES builds FAMILIES. I’d tell her so much. I’d tell my 30-year-old self these things too. And I suppose that’s what I hope we can do on here: Together, clumsy and messy as we are, we can REWRITE the rules. We can HAVE these CONVERSATIONS. Not just for the little girls we ONCE WERE, but for the WOMEN we now are. We can REMEMBER and LEARN and RELEARN these delicate, nuanced lessons. About our BODIES, and how our BODIES are so wonderfully NORMAL, even if we have been told for so long that they are FLAWED. About our PERSONALITIES. About our HEARTS. About US. Together. Together we can fight for this CHANGE. Whether it’s one wiggly jiggly bum selfie, Or one authentic moment with a stranger talking across a screen. Bit by bit Moment by moment Women EMPOWERING WOMEN One step at a time. x #selflove #feminist #bodyacceptance #womenirl #meufparis

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Danke an Danae Mercer für diese Bilder

Wohnt in München, hat aber bis heute keine Ahnung, wie er dort gelandet ist. Wünscht…

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