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‘Other’ Brett Kavanagh forms funny support group for name-a-likes

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His case has kept the nation in suspense for weeks. Now, the US Senate has voted to confirm judge Brett Kavanaugh to the Surpreme Court – after an FBI investigation on his alledged sexual misconducts.
This clear victory for Donald Trump lets Democrats rage and protestors feel betrayed. Yet the most nail-biting affairs following the appointment of a far-right judge still lie ahead.

1. What a time to be alive on Twitter for this user:

2. He can enjoy all the many Twitter Push Notifications, it’s great!*
The other Steve Bannon – not Trump’s former Chief Strategist and far-right media mogul that found Breitbart news – knows all about it.


3. Not sure if one beer is enough though.


4. But they don’t seem to be that alone with their problem.

5. No suprise there: In reality as in this thread, States Senator Susan Collins is supporting Brett Kavana(u)gh.


6. But better keep on re-watching those old seasons from Grey’s Anatomy, Ladies. This one 👇 is NOT EVEN a doctor. 🙄

7. Well the name Donald Trump would have been more exhausting for sure.

8. It does not have to be the name of a politician or actor necessarily.

9. Those two sure suffer for a couple of years already.


10. Enjoy your breakfast and the cleaning service!


11. Brett Kavanagh could make use of his fame now for sure.


12. In the meantime: Let’s all be happy about our most ordinary names and lifes.


13. #Hallofnames – at least they found each other now. 😉


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