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This guy Photoshops himself in Kendall Jenner pics and its hilarious

3 minuten lezen

Meet: Kirby Jenner. A model, lover al all things and “the twin of Kendall Jenner”. You can find Kirby where Kendall is, but you probably never heard of him before. Call him a men with a lot of time and a master of photoshop…. Here they are:


1. Left: Kendall Jenner. Right: Kirby Jenner.


2. The dolphin is like: “BEST DAY EVER!”


3. That time Kirby got too excited towards JB’s boat….


4. It’s Christmas time….


5. After this pic, it became cool again to start wearing no pants..


6. Kirby is funny….but we all know Kanye NEVER smiles.


7. Happy bday Gary. Happiest pony alive.


8. Salty air. Ocean waves. Beach days.


9. Kendall and Kirby: “Why you looking at me now?”


10. Twinning…


11. is winning.


12. Peace out.


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Deze nep Amsterdammer verdwaalt regelmatig, houdt iets te veel van reality TV, maar compenseert dit…

funny instagram photoshop

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