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Samantha makes a crazy discovery behind her bathroom mirror

4 minuten lezen

It sounds like a scene right out of an insane thriller. Your apartment feels a bit chilly but you’re not sure why that is. Until you walk up to your bathroom and feel a cold breeze coming from somewhere. Eventually you find out that this cold air comes from behind your mirror. Scary… This is the story of Samantha who discovered something crazy behind her bathroom mirror.


1. Samantha’s first out of four video’s has been clicked on by over 8.7 million people on TikTok.


2. She reveals her discovery in her second video.


3. And in video #3 Samantha gets ready to investigate.


4. And there appears to be an entire apartment behind her bathroom mirror.


5. Not sure if we would have done the same in this situation either.


6. And the first horror scene gets brought up.


7. But, there are some people who only look on the bright side of this.


8. But regardless of your opinion, this is a tip we will carry with us for the rest of our lives.


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Lust geen koffie, maar ijskoffie dan weer wel. Hockeyt al zo lang ze zich kan…

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