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Sam Smith makes awkward mistake on Twitter after Glasgow concert

2 minuten lezen

We all make mistakes some now. Famous people are no different. Thanks to social media, however, their mistakes are often broadcasted to millions of people. Even a small mistake will get called out, as singer Sam Smith found out after a concert at Glasgow’s SSE Hydro venue…


1. Sam Smith was over the moon after his concert in Glasgow, especially after he saw that the venue turned turned on rainbow-colored lights.


2. Plenty of his fans are also happy to see this ’tribute.’


3. But as it turns out…


4.Β Whoops.


5. It’s not the first time he messed up like this.


6. Josh caught another small error in Smith’s tweet.


Maybe check your tweets before you send them out next time, Sam…


Thanks for the tip, Evert!


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