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People can’t wrap their heads around this picture of three, ehm four people

3 minuten lezen

It’s definitely not the first time a picture shows up on the Internet and plays with our minds. But the picture we are about to show you will have you very confused. Twitterer Jen tweeted the following picture and it’s going to take up some time to understand what’s happening.


1. The following picture is what it’s all about. Do you see what’s going on?


2. Jen is not the only one who couldn’t see it immediately.


3. To help you out a little bit we have a hint for you: camouflage.


4. And there we have it.


5. Like we said before, this wasn’t the first time a picture like this showed up on the Internet.


6. Others know even more of these ‘optical illusion’ pictures.



7. In all honesty we were pretty lost at first seeing this picture. And Donovan still is.


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