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How these big athletes bring body positivity to Instagram for every body

Critics of social media often point out that especially Instagram would blur our image of what is beautiful and desired. It would create an unrealistic world of beauty and only push further a certain beauty standard that has been in place for so long. However, these four athletes show us how the mainstream can be challenged, literally by social media,  showing a nonexclusive voice for everyone and everBODY.


1. Jessamyn Stanley is a Yoga teacher and a star on Instagram. In an interview she stated: “I am Not Being Afraid to Take Up Space.”


2. Erik Cavanaugh is a professional dancer.

On his Youtube channel he makes one thing very clear…


3. Michelle Christine Mesch is a Pole Dancer who has a history with fatshaming. She says “I feel sexy and free.” And just look how that is working out for her:


4. You don’t like dancers and Yoga? How about running?! Marathons! Across the Rocky Mountains! Mirna Valerio won awards for her blog „Fat Girl Running“.


These influencers are here to stay on Instagram.

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