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Here is why this little bike from Germany gets all the attention now

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Christie Dietz is a British Foodblogger based in Germany. Her preferred subjects are sausages and other German treats. She just went viral for something completely off-topic however – by posting about her son’s cute bike on Twitter. How come?

1. What a beautiful bicycle and he always attaches it to the same poll.

2. Now a stranger hung up a sign and it’s adorable.


3. Twitter was more than enthusiastic about this short story: 20K retweets and 89K likes. Even BBC took notice of the little miracle.

4. Christie’s son sure is happy about the promotion to his own private parking spot.

5. By the way: Who is interested in German food can follow Christie Dietz on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook and her Blog. Her brand name is “A sausage has two” – a humorous abbreviation of the German saying: “All has an end, only sausages have two.” Sausvage! 😛


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