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Woman detects sexism in Google Translate while translating Hungarian

3 minuten lezen

Hungarian is is a gender neutral language which means that there are no gendered pronouns. But what happens when you use Google Translate to translate Hungarian to English? It automatically chooses the gender for you. According to Dora this is sexism because for example Google translates someone cleaning into ‘she’ and when they’re talking about a politician it’s a ‘he’? Quite remarkable.


1. Dora posted the following message on Twitter in which she shows what happens when you translate Hungarian to English with Google Translate.


2. And that’s painful to a lot of people.


3. This person states it’s not Google’s fault.



4. But some people decided to do some research based on this message and that leads to the thought it might be sexism indeed.



5. Another gender neutral language is Finnish. But the outcome when using Google Translate on a Finnish text is different to Hungarian.



6. Lastly, someone is quite interested in what gender Google considers itself to be.


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