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The Best of Social Media is getting a rebrand new name

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Not to be too dramatic, but The Best of Social Media is calling it quits. Well, the name is. We’re rebranding and with that comes a new name, a new identity and a stylish new look. Starting today, you can call us The Best Social Media. It’s a major difference, we know. Nice to meet you.

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We’re undergoing this metamorphosis with all our platforms and brands, and are sailing on under the viral flag of the mothership The Best Social. We’re doing this with the slogan ‘We curate, create & celebrate the best of social media’. All our projects will fall under the following three branches: The Best Social Media, The Best Social Studio, and The Best Social Awards.

Founder Diederik Broekhuizen started as a freelancer in an attic space back in 2010. Since then we’ve grown to a team of 14, with 7 different brands and projects: our Dutch brother De Beste Social Media, our German sister Das Beste aus Social Media, career platform De Beste Social Jobs, our podcast, the Awards, social media bureau Studio Broekhuizen, and the new English language The Best of Social Media (whoa, that’s where you’re reading this right now). We’re not sitting in an attic anymore, by the way, but in an office at the Prinsengracht in Amsterdam.

Our growth and (international) projects are the main reasons for our new name and identity. Every platform will keep communicating in their native language, of course.

There won’t be many changes for our followers. Our mission remains the same: offer a platform for the most special, funny, remarkable and creative content on social media. So we’ll still be the searchlight in the digital chaos. Kind of like Dora the Internet Explorer, looking for the most remarkable social content from brands, people, and other internet heroes.


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An overview of our whole social family:

Parent company: The Best Social

The Best Social Media



The Best Social Studio

The Best Social Awards

The Best Social Awards – Business


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