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Alex’s date asks for a refund and opinions vary widely

3 minuten lezen

In the end we all want to find our soulmate one day. Well, what better way to do this than by dating, right? And since going Dutch at the buffet isn’t for everyone, it’s possible that one of you spends more money on these dates than the other person does. So if things aren’t working out eventually, is it okay to ask for a reimbursement? Alex’s date did and the opinions on this are divided.


1. Alex’s date texted her the following question.


2. Some share Alex’s opinion and label this move as ‘not done’.


3. While on the other hand people completely understand where he’s coming from.


4. Either way, the comparison this lady makes is nothing but facts.


5. And that’s what life is.


6. And Alex? Her latest tweet will say it all.


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