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These 16 Amazon reviews are as funny as they are unhelpful

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One of the most convenient things about online shopping is the fact that you can instantly see what people who bought the product you’re interested in think of it. Of course not every review, is equally helpful. Just take a look at these reviews from Amazon, collected by subreddit r/AmazonReviews


1. These reviews are all just so, well


2. Josh. Honey.


3. You want your makeup to be hospital proof.


4. Come on, Lindsay


5. Can someone please call the police on this reviewer and the person who says it’s helpful??


6. Well played.


7. That’ll show ’em.


8. Maybe it’s time to save up for that other half.


9. Turns out it works after all…


10. Expectations VS reality.


11. That’ll surely make him furious.


12. At least it’s fluffy.


13. Oh no.


14. Sean can slide them right in now.


15. Wh.. what?!


16. It was too good to be true.


Keep the reviews coming, we’ll be here. Waiting…

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