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13 times KFC had a perfect answer ready on Twitter

2 minuten lezen

Sometimes customer care responses get monotonous after the 1000th “DM us” message. Fortunately there are brands like KFC, who like to mix things up.


1. The Colonel always respects your space.


2. Ashley thought she caught KFC using a non-existent word.


3. One of their secret spices is sarcasm.


4. Turns out you can become an actual colonel.


5. Such a tease.


6. KFC apparently trains new hires with a virtual reality video, and some people feel left out.


7. And when Jamie snitched on Mitch…


8. The Colonel dispatched his troops.


9. When someone implies KFC uses cloned or mutated chickens, they have a handy link ready.


10. Sometimes people tweet very specific things at them.


11. The Colonel gets nostalgic just like we all do.


12. When they re-introduced the original Colonel…


13. And Tinder got a little thirsty…


14. KFC appeared to bite…


15. Tinder thought they had the Colonel right where they wanted him.


16. And brutally played hard to get.


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