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Vrouwen verenigen en doen een schokkend boekje open met de hashtag #MeToo

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Er is de afgelopen week veel te doen geweest over seksuele intimidatie in Hollywood. Actrice Rose McGowan deed een boekje open over haar ervaringen met filmproducent Harvey Weinstein en veroorzaakte veel ophef. Twitter gaf haar vervolgens een ban van twaalf uur, maar dat werd niet in dank afgenomen en leidde zelfs tot #WomenBoycottTwitter. Nu is actrice Alyssa Milano naar voren getreden met de hashtag #MeToo, om slachtoffers de gelegenheid te geven naar voren te treden met hun verhaal. Dus social media opent de beerput en lucht vele harten.


1. Alyssa Milano wil andere slachtoffers een stem geven..


2. Voor sommigen begint het al op vroege leeftijd..


3. Niet alleen vrouwen zijn het slachtoffer.


4. Verhalen over aanranding, misbruik en geweld worden regelmatig in de doofpot gestopt.>

When I told my boss that his co-worker touched me inappropriately during a work trip, he said, "You're not going to make this a big thing right? Because if you do, you're going to ruin his marriage." I told a female co-worker what happened and she told me she'd experienced the same thing- and so had several of the women that had worked there before. There isn't a day that goes by that I don't regret speaking up and treating myself- and my body- with the respect that I deserve. I carry that anger with me and this week's discussions about assault in the workplace have brought up so many feelings I didn't realize were still just under the surface. I realize how fortunate I was to be able to leave that job, find a new one and get help in the form of therapy later down the road. So many people who are assaulted or harassed can't leave safely or without fear of retribution and the loss of their ability to keep a roof over their head or food on the table. So while this story (and the stories of those with similar experiences) haunts me, as I read through the #metoo threads filling up, my heart is deeply present with those who haven't been able to escape or find a way to safety and support. You are not alone. And you will always have a safe space here at DS.

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5. Meester Bart gooide het in de groep, met de nodige impact.


6. Voor veel vrouwen is het meer dan ‘maar een grapje’.


7. Hoe groot het probleem is, wordt nu steeds duidelijker.

Living in NYC means I get catcalled/harassed pretty much weekly #metoo

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8. Confronterend en noodzakelijk tegelijkertijd.


9. Want er zijn slachtoffers die het dankzij de hashtag een gezicht durven te geven.

#MeToo as a reminder to myself that I am not just a victim of assault but I am a survivor. Being a Tom Boy I'm told not to "snitch" and just to take it like a man but my voice is strong and it's been heard and no one stands a chance to ever lay hands on me… I was in such an abusive relationship in the past and my ex would always talk down to me and beat me to the ground… but somehow I always managed to get myself right on up.. I saw this hashtag go viral and I tried my hardest to avoid posting but real life has no filter and what's done has been done I'm just thankful for the outcome and my future and everything else that's been placed in front of me after all the hurdles that life has given me.

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10. Een advies van man tot man.


11. Want waar de vrouwen in de spotlight staan, mag de overschaduwing van de mannen niet genegeerd worden.


12. Anke, initiatiefneemster van #ZegHet, ziet het met trotse gevoelens aan.


13. En ten slotte slaat Anne Fleur de spijker op zijn kop.


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