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Ich male mir die Welt: Künstler bringt die Kritzeleien von Kindern ins echte Leben

3 Minuten lesezeit

Kinder verfügen über eine blühende Fantasie. Besonders deutlich wird das, wenn man sie einfach ihre Vorstellungen malen lässt. Der Instagram-Account thingsihavedrawn geht nochmal einen Schritt weiter und erweckt die Zeichnungen der jungen Künstler zum Leben.


1. Diese Ente ist noch relativ nah am Original.

2. Der Knetmensch kommt da schon deutlich deformierter daher.

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We made this guy for a video. (We’ve not posted as a photo though.) ___ Hi everyone. We’ve not had much time to fiddle around with new images over the past few days, so I thought, rather than do a #topnine, I’d share a picture from one of our favourite posts of the year – originally shown as a video in February. It’s a Play-Doh face Al and I made together – #thingsihavemade not #thingsihavedrawn. We’ve got quite a few exciting things coming up in 2020 we hope, so do please keep a look out for new pics and some (possibly) surprising announcements over the next few months. Thanks also for all the drawings so many of you have DMed us recently and sorry again that we’ve not been able to reply to you all. It’s brilliant that there’s so much creativity out there. If we don’t post again before the end of the year, have a great New Year everyone. All the best, Tom, Becky, Dom and Al. ___ #ps_bold @photoshop

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3. Huch, der Uhu hat sich wohl gerade selbst im Spiegel entdeckt.

4. So einen goldigen Tukan würde ich sofort adoptieren.

5. Gestatten, die Kreuzung aus Dachs und Igel: der Digel.

6. Dieser Gepard hat wohl etwas auf dem Grill gelegen.

7. Wenn das Pferd auch gerne ein Ameisenbär geworden wär.

8. Als Bildbeschreibung ergibt es am ehesten einen vieräugigen Pinguin mit Loch.

9. Ja wo ist denn die Nase von der Kuh?

10. Der freundliche Vogel fängt den Wurm.

11. Ein rosa Panzer, der Seifenblasen schießt und in dem man gleichzeitig wohnen kann. Hasbro ist schon dran.

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DRAW. NOT WAR! ___ Hi everyone. Tom here. I guess I shouldn’t have been surprised when Dom and Al started drawing aeroplanes dropping bombs, spaceships firing laser beams and army tanks causing mayhem and destruction. They wouldn’t draw funny, smiley animals forever. I don’t think Dom really expected (or wanted) me to colour this particular creation pink, decorate it with flowers and a rainbow, and turn it into a supersonic bubble machine though. Draw, Dom. Not war! I tell you what though. This one’s taken me absolutely ages, as most vehicles do – and especially ones this detailed. I started it about 3 weeks ago (although have admittedly been on holiday for 2 weeks of that). Vehicles also don’t tend to get as many likes and comments as happy animals, but it’s important, I think, that we mix things up a bit. Hope you agree. ___ #thingsihavedrawn #bubblemachine #drawnotwar #ps_scifi

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12. Manche Exemplare hat es dann doch etwas deformiert.

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Fox on the rocks! (Well, actually it’s more like a dry muddy bank, but that didn’t rhyme.) ___ Hi everyone. Check out this awesome drawing of a fox by 4-year old Pasha and DMed to us by his mum @shirinita1979. Thanks for sending it to us – and great job Pasha. If your kid is a budding artist (as they all are), DM us their drawing, or even better, hashtag it #thingsihavedrawnatthezoo. Try and make it a good quality scan or photo if you can. And if they don’t know what to draw, some of the animals that don’t yet feature on our instagram or in our book include a badger, wolf, guinea pig, hamster, woodpecker, puffin and kingfisher – all ones we’d quite like to do. Good luck! ___ #thingsihavedrawn #kidsdrawing #fox

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Don’t stare – it’s only a hare! ___ Hi everyone. Tom here, the boys’ dad, back in the UK from Iceland and looking forward to Christmas. Lots of you will know that last year Dom, Al and I published our first book – Things I Have Drawn at the Zoo. It’s full of animals of course, lots that don’t appear on Instagram – including this snow hare drawn by Al when he was 5 (until now, that is). The book is still on sale, and will hopefully arrive in time for Christmas if you order soon. USA, Germany and UK are the countries with our most followers, so I’ve included some links below. But I know it’s available elsewhere (sorry though – just in English language at the moment). Hope you like it, and we’ll be back with another funny animal soon. USA https://amzn.to/2SPFXUH Deutschland https://amzn.to/2rG43Wy UK https://bit.ly/2CfXPmd ___ #thingsihavedrawnatthezoo #hare #snowhare #kidsdrawings

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13. Wer stellt sich hier auch vor, dass der Affe mit dem Bowlingkugel-Bauch Bananen-Kegel umhaut?

14. Künstlerisch wertvoll ist auch die Umsetzung mit den kleinen Wal-Tattoos.

15. Shrek, das Rentier?

16. Und beenden werden wir diesen Blog mit einem Blick in die Zukunft, denn der Kolibri hat was Futuristisches an sich.

Münchner Urgestein, das sich im Sumpf der sozialen Medien austobt. Wunschberuf war eigentlich Profifußballer. Daraus…

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