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Dieser Instagram-Account versetzt Stars und Sternchen in perfekt passende Alltagssituationen

2 Minuten lesezeit

Auf dem Instagram-Account @mydaywithleo postet der Künstler Joel Strong Fotos von ganz normalen Menschen, denen er die Papp-Köpfe von Prominenten aufgesetzt hat. Zu Beginn des Projektes stand Schauspieler Leonardo di Cabrio im Fokus der „Fotomontagen“, doch mittlerweile nehmen auch zahlreiche andere Promis teil.
1. Mit Leo und diesem Bild hat alles angefangen:

2. Ob er hier gerade aus Richtung des Eisbergs an den Strand geschwommen kam?

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beach buds are the best buds #mydaywithleo

A post shared by joel strong (@mydaywithleo) on

3. Sicher, dass diese Aufnahme nicht vielleicht doch echt ist?

4. Wen man in der U-Bahn nicht alles trifft:

5. Cry me a river:

6. Why so serious?!

7. Ob er hier gerade ein Angebot für den Kauf von Grönland abgibt?

8. Kevin allein auf dem Dach:

9. Sexy and I know it:

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if you don't wanna spend time with yerself who else will??? part 6 #mydaywithbffs couple things. 1) searching through nic cage insta accounts lookin fer people to tag was a lot of fun just now. you should do it. 2) i was hangin with my new buddy lassen (503!!!!) gettin some pics and we saw this girl eating crepes down in LES on this red bench and we both thought she'd be perfect for the double headed nic cage monster that i was holding in my pocket. we walked up to her which is weird and she was mid bite which made me feel bad for mistiming my approach then i pull out two nic cage heads which i knew was just making everyone uncomfortable (poor girl on this bench just trying to eat a crepe and heres some weirdo with two lil nic cage cutouts i thought) and i said what i always say when i walk up to strangers as fast as i can because it never doesn't feel strange hi i do this thing where i hold celebrity heads over peoples heads and i take pictures of them would you mind if i took a picture of you your face won't be in it. and olivia said oh my god i totally follow you youre leo right? and i said actually joel but a lot of people call me leo but thats so cooooool! and she said this is awesome and she was really happy to be nic cage and then she said i have hairy armpits do you want me to hold my arm up and i said hell yeah let it flow olivia! and then we took this pic. anyway. it's really nice when i meet a stranger who already likes my stuff. i know it's totally bragging right now to say this but sometimes i don't tell you guys enough that being able to do this makes me really happy and my life is stranger than i ever thought it would be and that makes me super happy and i love all the cool people i'm meeting in this super talented and crazy city. you guys keep being you. thanks so much.

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10. Könnte Madonna dieses Kunstwerk nicht einfach als nächstes Cover verwenden?

11. Dont‘ worry, be happy!

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#dontworryworldwegotthis #jk

A post shared by joel strong (@mydaywithleo) on

12. Echt stark:

13. Expecto patronum!

14. Und wir hatten die Nachtwache irgendwie ganz anders in Erinnerung.

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