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Der Influencer mit der Hämorriden-Werbung reagiert auf den Spott

4 Minuten lesezeit

Influencer haben es nicht leicht, sie sind leicht: Leicht zu überzeugen, leicht zu haben, leicht im Nehmen, fettarm und zuckersüß. Einmal mit ohne alles, inklusive Reichweite, Reaktion und Lächeln. Es gibt kein Problem, das sich nicht vermarkten lässt.

1. Wir hätten gerne Werbung für Hämorriden-Creme, bitte. Ginge das? Klar.

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#sponsored There’s nothing I love more than exploring the great outdoors on a good hike. It’s something I’ve always done since I can remember and always will. Sometimes I’ve had friends who couldn’t go on hikes with me because of hemorrhoid discomfort and it was a real bummer. You also may love the outdoors but find it difficult to venture out for this same reason. Have no fear because Preparation H now comes in an easy to carry totable size. Yep! Preparation H Totables are small enough to tuck away in your pack for easy access and quick relief. Don’t let hemorrhoid discomfort get in the way of your next big adventure. Now get out there and explore your world. @strive.health ✨

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2. Twitter reagiert, wie Twitter reagieren musste.

3. Denn egal wie offen der Influencer mit Hämorriden umgeht, diese fiktive Unterhaltung, die seinem Post vorangegangen wäre, ist unfreiwillig komisch:

4. Es klingt mehr nach einer schlechten Ausrede.

5. Die vermeintliche Erklärung…

6. … kommt dann tatsächlich vom Influencer. Ups.

7. Twitter lässt nicht locker… Da ist ja noch das T-Shirt, dass irgendwie Fart Wolf (= Furzwolf) sagt.

8. Auch Instagram bleibt am Furz, äh, Ball.

9. Also noch eine lange Reaktion auf Instagram:

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You guys!!….Wow! What a day yesterday. I must say I’ve never been the “Butt” of a joke of this magnitude before. Haha! That being said. Here’s a few things I’ve learned about social media and Prep H gate: 1) As an influencer, I put myself out there for the world to see so I have to be open to criticism no matter what form. Cam & I were on the couch last night scrolling dying laughing at some of the comments on twitter and IG. 2) I am a man of positivity and respect and the things I promote (yes! I do “sponsored” posts sometimes. I never hide that fact) are things or messages that I feel passionate about and want to share no matter how taboo the subject because I believe in body positivity and leading a healthy lifestyle. 3) NEVER wear shirts with words that can be changed into something else. Haha! You guys!! “Fart Wolf?”😂😂😂. I may be selling shirts. Stay tuned! 3) You can’t be afraid to put yourself out there and share your truth no matter what. If there is something you are passionate about or there is a message you want to share with others by all means do it. Don’t be afraid of what others will say because at the end of the day, if what you’re bringing to the table can help someone in any way, then you’re doing good work. I will say I had quite a few people commend me for being so brave and sharing what I did and that I helped them in some way and that is all that matters to me. All I want to do on my social media platform is inspire and uplift others and help them in anyway I can. That’s what’s most important. Again, anything that I promote from a brand or company is promoted because I truly believe in the product or message that is being sent. Lastly, I hope that from this we can all learn to stop being so quick to break others down, rather, build them up and cheer them on. Love outweighs hate – let’s keep that message clear. Love you all!✨😘

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10. Schon ein Sonnenschein.

11. Tja, bei Joey war es noch schrecklich, jetzt ist es… fashionable. 🤷‍♀️🤷‍♂️

Danke an alle für die Postings! ❤
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