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Cabinporn: Ein Instagram-Account sammelt die geilsten Holzhütten

Der Account @cabinporn präsentiert seinen 440K Followern pornöse Bilder von geilen Hütten. Echt jetzt. Dazu gibt sogar ein ganzes Buch online zu bestellen. Die meisten Rückzugsorte sind echt, manche aber noch „nur“ wilde Träume von Architekten – eingesperrt auf traurigen Computern.
Die Idee für die Sammlung kommt vom Vimeo Co-Founder Zach Klein. Jeder kann jederzeit seine einsamen Hütten einsenden. Entspannend, ruhig und richtig schön:

1. Ein kleines Stück vom Himmel.

2. So geht Abgeschiedenheit…

3. … und so geht Abenteuer.

4. Für Minimalisten.

5. Nur Hänsel und Gretel würden davor weglaufen.

6. Einen Tag als Biene Maja leben.

7. Sandra Bullock und Keanu Reeves haben am falschen Ort gedreht.

8. Aus Besenstielen und Papier erdacht.

9. Da werden Termiten durchsichtig vor Neid.

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Renderings for TERA-1 in Upstate, New York This fall, @aispacefactory is building this futuristic design on a tree-filled site along the Hudson River This future earth habitat came out of a competition to design a 3D-printed mission outpost for NASA – "it turns out the material we developed is stronger than concrete, but whereas concrete is pretty awful for our planet, ours is renewable and can be recycled or eventually composted" The shell material, a mix of basalt fiber and PLA (which is processed from corn) is renewable, recyclable and compostable. Their goal is to create a net-zero energy, net-zero waste building that will become a model for future construction TERA is available for overnights stays in Spring 2020. It will remain at the site for one year, then be recycled and reprinted in a new location. Reservations available via: @aispacefactory #cabinporn #ecohabitat #3dprinting

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10. Das ist tatsächlich in Großbritannien.

11. So arbeitet es sich doch fantastisch.

12. Home sweet home.

13. Wenn es nur diese Stadt gäbe…

14. … huch, China hat sie schon.

15. Rundum-Blick.

16. Für die etwas Aufmüpferischen.

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A salvaged window house in Christiania, Denmark A town within a city, a rebel neighborhood within a well-ordered society. This is Christiania (Freetown), Denmark, a small community smack dab in the middle of Copenhagen, Denmark. Within this community are tiny houses, built by hand and with whatever materials are within reach. Christiania began in 1971 as an occupation of disused army barracks in the southern portion of Copenhagen near a lake. The 900 or so freethinking individuals who inhabit the area are a self governing community who refuse to pay taxes to the Danish government, run their own businesses and schools, live without cars on unpaved roads, build their own houses, restaurants and civil buildings and even have their own currency #salvaged #Christiania #Denmark #cabinporn

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17. Fehlen nur noch Glühwürmchen.

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Tye River Cabin, Skykomish, Washington Designed by Tom Kundig / @olsonkundig Situated in a dense forest near the Tye River, this meditative retreat connects to the natural environment that surrounds it The square base of the two-level structure is rendered in cast-in-place concrete, as is the large central fireplace that serves as the core and anchor for the cabin. Custom-designed, pivoting glass windows swing open to reveal the corners and sides of the space, blurring the line between inside and outside. Rusted mild steel siding wraps the exterior areas not given over to windows. Deep overhangs shelter the main living area from the regular rain showers. Concrete patios extend the living space outdoors and follow the contours of the land toward the water The cabin is about being outdoors, not indoors. The two bedrooms and bathroom are just large enough to fulfill their functions. The wood used for construction—for rafters, flooring, window frames, and doors—was salvaged from an old warehouse slated for demolition. The varying tones of the wood reveal its history and use. Over time, the cabin will become more and more muted in appearance, blending in and eventually disappearing into the forest #cabinporn Inspiration for your quiet place somewhere

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18. Sleep well.

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