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Years & Years frontman can’t believe he just met his idol on British TV

2 minuten lezen

Turns out Olly Alexander, the lead singer for the British band Years & Years, is a bit of a psychic…


1. The Graham Norton Show’s couch is always stacked with the world’s biggest stars. This week, the stars of Ocean’s 8 visit the show, and also the band the Years & Years.


2. Olly Alexander, the Years & Years’ frontman, was VERY excited to be there.


3. There’s a good reason for that excitement.


4. About two years ago he jokingly tweeted the following, and…


5. Maybe he should tweet more stuff like this, if these keep coming true.


6. Whoever came up with the phrase “Never meet your heroes” can suck it.


7. Because look at this face.


Turns out, dreams do come true, people.


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