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These 16 hilarious headlines from The Daily Mash are so accurate

3 minutes reading time

The quality of satirical news seems to be at an all-time high at the moment. Is the news simply easier to mock these days? Perhaps. It’s still pretty damn impressive, though. In the UK, this space is dominated by The Daily Mash. Strap yourself to your chair, because otherwise you just might fall off from laughter…


1. The Daily Mash always manages to produce the funniest headlines with laser accuracy.


2. It’s honestly not even unrealistic at this point.


3. Disgusting, yet festive.


4. The math checks out.


5. They’ll never find them there… *muahaha*


6. “Should I…?”


7. Stop it.


8. You should know better by now, Stephen.


9. It’s just the best feeling.


10. Damn.


11. Got her.


12. There’s a difference, okay?


13. Dude. Come one.


14. What happened there?


15. *side eye emoji*


16. And finally, they just couldn’t take it anymore.


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