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10 bizarre and hilarious dilemmas from Dilemmarama that will make your head explode

2 minutes reading time

Playing games like ‘Would You Rather’ with friends can be a lot of fun. Every person has their own way of approaching these dilemmas. Dilemmarama brings this game to Facebook with bizarre and unique dilemmas that will have you doubt between two things you had probably never even thought of before.


1. Dilemmarama comes up with the weirdest, most specific problems.


2. They’re not always as easy as they seem.


3. You might even say they’re bananas.


4. This is another head scratcher.


5. The two options don’t always have a theme in common. (Though if you can find one here, please do let us know)

Samantha solved it, though.


6. These’ll make you howling mad.


7. This one is pretty easy if you’re already a lover of yodelling.


8. One of these is likely to happen by accident sometimes, the other one… hopefully not so much.


9. It’s not hard if you’re always running to the fridge anyway.


10. And finally, possibly the grossest one of all…

Hilda got it started, and soon another one, well…


Don’t give up, you’ll figure it out.


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